Wondering what the value of a Phoenix area Class “C” FM (107.3) is these days?

Now we’re not talking about Scottsdale, Tempe or even Apache Junction but still consider the value IF you can find a savvy Engineer who could cozy it in closer to the BIG city.

A bankruptcy court in Texas has set March 18 for the auction of Ace Radio’s Aguila, AZ construction permit for a Class C at 107.3 FM.

So far two bidders – veteran radio and TV owner Brian Brady and Robert Walker — have submitted a $140,000 offer for the stations, so broker Gerald Proctor says that’s where the bidding will begin.

140K? Pocket change for the right kind of deal.


When doing long distance driving we tend to flip on the Sirius/XM receiver.,,BUT not everyone agrees with our choice –

The traditional FM/AM car radio, long a fixture of the dashboard, remains the king of the road.

That’s according to new Ipsos research being released today. It reveals 84% of Americans still regularly listen to broadcast radio while driving, showing FM/AM remains firmly in place as the most-used in-car medium.


Just a few days ago we tipped you to the tough Q4 period for radio… now, a new forecast predicts brighter days ahead.

Strategy Analytics predicts radio revenue will grow 1.8% in 2015, faster than both TV (1.7%) and print (-7.9%).

Even better, the report calls for radio to capture 10% of U.S. media spending this year, hauling in $17.6 billion.


Question – what is the strength of NewsTalk Radio these days? Well, we see a fair amount of activity for our favorite format (that has been our bread and butter) for a LOT of years.

Talk doesn’t get the job entirely done nor does all-news… you really need a savvy combination of the two. And, here is the important part – it really needs to be done right!!!

CBS Radio’s WNEW-FM, Washington (99.1) has shifted to news/talk in nights and overnights, becoming the last of five FMs that launched all-news formats in 2011 and 2012 to exit the format.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Cumulus Media’s news/talk “NewsRadio 106.7” WYAY today dropped its morning news program for a news/talk show hosted by veteran Atlanta morning man Steve McCoy.


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