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1.  Donald Trump has been told by NBC – “You’re Fired”…

2.  SCOTUS late Monday puts a hold on some Texas Abortion Clinics due to be closed by the State.

3.  The FBI moves to the New York Danamora prison at Clinton, NY – it’s now a corruption probe.

4.  Greece may default this week – Tuesday will be a big day for this on-going event.  Check the NY Times for a thorough explanation and what to expect.

5.  Jeb Bush calls the Confederate Flag “racist” –

6.  Should vaccines be made mandatory?  Apparantly the California legislature thinks so as it passes legislation to make it so.


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In a first of its kind trial, Nielsen this fall will test using a combined audience sample to measure radio and TV. Conducted in collaboration with the Council For Research Excellence, it’s the first in a two-part test to study the impact on audience estimates and other metrics of a potentially combined service of radio, TV and consumer behavior metrics.

The study is the first to be commissioned by the CRE’s new audio committee, which is working with Nielsen to figure out how the measurement behemoth can do a better job of tracking audiences in small and medium markets.



Issues surrounding banks in Greece and their closure.  ATM’s only dispensing 60 Euro’s per day.

This week is guaranteed to see a shift as talks continue.

France 24 offers perspective –


How about Hollywood BUZZ???

Next instalment of Star Trek begins filming this week –

The third installment of the rebooted Star Trek franchise boldly heads into production this week in Vancouver, and its cast is getting a big pay raise.

At the same time, the studio behind Star Trek Beyond quietly has locked up two key players for a potential fourth installment.



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The Insider’s Guide to DC Political Activities – ‘The HILL’

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