Enjoy the final day of your ‘end of Summer, Labor Day weekend –

See you tomorrow as the majority of us head back in to the studio and try to make sense of the events happening in our communities and around the world.

Here’s a preview –

#1 on the list is the continuing situation in Iraq/Syria with ISIS – U-S air strikes courtesy of the Navy are having the desired effect along with Iraqi ground forces combining to move ISIS forces BACK into their caves in and near Syria.

#2 is a tossup between the deteriorating situation in Libya and Ukraine/Russia.

#3 will be the resumption of do-nothing politics in D-C. What’s going to happen? Watch the Speaker’s office.

Finally, best wishes to Joan Rivers (a long time friend of NewsTalk Radio) as she continues on life support at NYC’s Mt. Saini Hospital –


We’ll be back in business tomorrow/Tuesday slaving over a hot keyboard, just in time to begin working up our list of the top ‘NewsTalkRadio’ items – and during the past couple of weeks there has been more than enough grist for this mill to grind out!

Counting down the hours boys and girls!


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