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Today’s Quote –       DEVELOPING – Looking at Sunday talking head TV shows –  common points?  A Media Matters study shows that the Sunday morning television talk shows are overwhelmingly white, male and skew rightward. Surprised?  Probably not… ( Earnings week is here but it could turn sour by Friday –There is also a heavy schedule of economic reports in the coming week, including first quarter GDP on Thursday. Economists expect a barely positive number, and most forecasts are looking at growth under 1 percent. There are also durable goods Tuesday, international trade Wednesday and personal income and spending for March on Friday. Oil inventory data from American Petroleum Institute on Tuesday afternoon and the Energy Department Wednesday morning will also be watched, as all markets are keeping an eye on oil prices.  Ted Cruz notched another delegate landslide Saturday, stretching his advantage in a competition that might never occur: the second ballot of a contested Republican National Convention in July.Cruz won at least 65 of the 94 delegates up for grabs Saturday –  he may have won more, but Kentucky’s 25 delegates haven’t revealed their leanings. (POLITICO) DJT is set to shift his strategy to win the White House, becoming less antagonistic toward the GOP establishment and adopting a less abrasive tone on social issues. But the approach brings risks as well as potential rewards. (The Hill) Just in case you were concerned that Kelly R. Would not be back on set Tuesday as promised last week have no fear all will be well – contracts have a way of making certain there is a certain sense of order. (TheDailyBeast) Interested in knowing just how many times DJT has said he’ll see someone in court?  Or, the other way around and DJT has been named?  Bloomberg politics has been checking the numbers.  (Bloomberg) —————————- TODAY’S  BUSINESS – CNBC NYSE NPR BUSINESS BUSINESS INSIDER BBC BUSINESS ==================== Washington Insiders read “Post Politics” – REAL CLEAR POLITICS – Daily Polling updates and more – Mike Allen’s POLITICO Playbook – WASHINGTON WIRE – WSJ ———————————– LATEST  POLLING  RESULTS Real Clear Politics HUFF POST – POLLSTER ———————————- TWEETS RESONATING –  POLITI-TRENDS ======================== If you’re interested, in strengthening your News/Talk market position, contact the Editor: – ========================= RADIO Business & Personality Updates from ‘Inside Radio’ Radio Business Report – NIELSEN RADIO NIELSEN TV RATINGS – TOP 10 =============== CAUCUS AND VOTING SCHEDULE – NY TIMES  ================ WHITE HO– — USE -Stay current with 1600 Pennsylvania Ave  – White House LIVE – —————————— Breakaing News ‘Quick-Check’ resources – BREAKING NEWS THE HILL ROLL CALL POLITICO POLITIFACT TWITTER GOOGLE CNN HUFFINGTON POST WASHINGTON POST NY TIMES THE DAILY BEAST NY POST – PAGE 6 BLOOMBERG BUSINESS INSIDER VARIETY TIME TALKING POINTS MEMO BBC REUTERS FRANCE 24 MOSCOW TIMES THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER GAWKER FOX NEWS NBC NEWS CBS NEWS ABC NEWS NPR CNN POLITICS NEWSPAPER DAILY FRONT PAGES TOP 15 NEWS INFO SITES SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SPORTS TV/RATINGS/NEWS UPDATES/TVNEWSER GALLUP POLLING FACT CHECKING THE NEW YORKER THE ATLANTIC  —————————— Don’t forget that there is much more to sample – Click  LINKS  for valuable contacts always moving the conversation forward – —————————— (© 2016 News Talk Strategies, llc)